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Refund and Returns Policy


Refund and Returns Policy

In order to maintain the quality of products and services, ELIANA will check again and again before sending out.

If you find that there is a problem with the product within seven days after the date of receipt, you can ask ELIANA for a replacement. The following terms and conditions must be met and complied with:

  1. When exchanging goods, please keep all packages, including original packaging, boxes/bags, receipts and related gifts, otherwise the company has the right not to return or exchange.
  2. If you receive the goods, you find that the quantity of the goods, the product does not match the order or the goods are damaged.

Please contact us by email to or Whatsapp +852 5388 8777 within 3 days of receiving the product

The following items are not refundable
  1. The product has no quality problems.
  2. If the product has color options, please confirm the product color before checkout.
  3. Any free product or trial pack.
  4. Items that have been opened, used, or damaged in any way due to personal reasons.
  5. Lost or improperly handled items or accessories.
  6. Has been tampered with or repaired without authorization.

If the customer fails to return the product within seven days, the company reserves the right to cancel the replacement product. (Please note that only one exchange can be made per order.)